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Digital Nomads: the new Era

digital nomad

Digital Nomads are people who choose to live in another country for short periods of time. Digital nomads can work anywhere in the world, as their work tool is a computer or a tablet. Just choose a location with good internet coverage.

Among the many cases of professionals who have chosen this lifestyle in Portugal, we have people who are remote employee in a company or entity, as well as independent professionals, such as doctors, consultants or specialized freelancers and also digital entrepreneurs.

To fully enjoy this concept, Portugal offers very desirable conditions;

The soft weather with around 300 days of sunshine a year, affordable prices for renting a house, room or apartments, security, good cuisine and a coastline of about 800 km.

The interior of Portugal also offers an excellent life quality, with smaller and safer cities, conducive to a comfortable and quiet lifestyle, and with quick access to the rest of the country.

viver em Portugal

Short Term Visa

Portugal does not  have yet  a specific visa for remote work (for now), in which case short-term or temporary stay visas (less than 1 year) are applicable.

Our mission in this context is to provide those who wish to live in Portugal a quick and safe installation;


Information about visas and the processing

Information about find and rent an apartment/room, 

Information about coworking centers, 

Information about the best places, culture and  internet coverage

As a digital nomad, you can save time and money when you choose to live in a cost-effective location.

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